Photovoltaic Energy Systems

Engineering and Construction of Photovoltaic Energy Production Systems

efelec energy  is a Spanish company dedicated to the construction of photovoltaic plants.

Its activity ranges from the technical development of the plant and relevant administrative processes, to the construction and commissioning of the system. A work carried out in complete coordination with the promoters of the installation.

The existing expertise and our highly qualified professional team, allows us to access construction projects around the world, assuming their development according to the specific technical and administrative characteristics and conditions of each country.


Photovoltaic Plants Conected to the Electric Network

efelec energy has all the human and technical resources needed to fully develop photovoltaic plant projects in Spain and in the countries where it has a presence. From the selection of suitable sites, the relevant technical and administrative procedures, to the construction, connection and commissioning of the facility and its subsequent maintenance.

Project Development-RtB

Identification of the best adapted sites for the installation of energy production systems. Efelec energy subsidiaries work in the field to fully develop each project.


The facilities are designed with a constructive conception developed by the company itself, which has a specialized service in the technical conditions in force in each country.

Project Management / EPC

The company has its own Department dedicated specifically to the construction of photovoltaic plants and can take on construction projects anywhere in the world.


Our O&M service is equipped with advanced resources to manage the production of each facility and perform the preventive or emergency maintenance operations that might be necessary.

efelec at present ( 2020-2022 program)       

550 MWp Construction of New PV Plants

Lécera. Zaragoza.    2,5 MWp

Alfamén. Zaragoza.    14,0 MWp

Centrovia I. Zaragoza.    12,0 MWp

La Puebla I. Zaragoza.    975kWp

El Burgo de Ebro. Zaragoza.    14,0 MWp

Quicena. Zaragoza.    6,5 MWp

Centrovia II. Zaragoza.    12,0 MWp

Nuez. Zaragoza.    975kWp

Huesca Sur. Huesca.    4,0 MWp

Villimar. Burgos.    39,5 MWp

Centrovia III. Zaragoza.    12,0 MWp

Sastaguino. Zaragoza.    975kWp

Illueca. Zaragoza.    10,0 MWp

Quinto. Zaragoza.    5,2 MWp

Belchitense. Zaragoza.    975kWp

Fuenes I. Zaragoza.    975kWp

Self-Consumption and Energy Efficiency Facilities

Photovoltaic structures for electrical energy self-sufficiency in industrial installations or high consumption buildings. The structures are usually placed on rooftops but can also be built on the ground or in form of parking shelters.

Nowadays, it is a regulated activity in Spain which gives the final consumer the possibility to improve their economic results, based on the drastic reduction of energy costs generated in their own facilities.

Engineering and Administrative Procedures

Designing of the installation according to the technical and orientation characteristics of the plant. Technical and administrative processing for the project and connection of the system.



Construction management and installation of the designed photovoltaic system. Occupational safety guarantee and quality assurance of the installation and materials used.



efelec has the technical and human resources to proceed with the maintenance of the facilities. Customers have real-time information on the production, consumption and savings achieved.



efelec has signed agreements with International Investment Funds to finance investment projects in photovoltaic systems for self-consumption of up to 100% of its costs.


Industrial Warehouse

Type of project:   Installation on Deck

Power installed:   29,7 kWp

Production:           43.900 kWh/year

Auto Dealership

Type of project:   Installation on Deck

Power installed21 kWp

Production:           27.500 kWh/year

Hog Farm

Type of project:   Ground Fixed Structure

Power installed94,05 kWp

Production          154.242 kWh/year

Agropor de la Corona

Type of project:    Ground Fixed Structure

Power installed:   94,05 kWp

Production:            154.242 kWh/year